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OASUS Harness System Takes Pediatric Physical Therapy to New Heights at Schreiber Center

The new physical therapy gym at the Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development is now open! This state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a range of innovative equipment and open spaces, all meticulously designed to enhance therapy sessions for all our PT patients. This environment allows for more personalized therapy in a warm and inviting atmosphere, filled with natural light, vibrant colors, and a sense of fun. It is particularly welcoming to our young patients, putting them at ease, making them more receptive to therapy, and eager to engage in their rehabilitation.

The Schreiber Center’s New PT Gym

One of the most exciting features of our new gym is the introduction of the OASUS Harness System, a cutting-edge bodyweight support system that takes pediatric physical therapy to the next level. Provided by Enliten LLC, this system offers a flexible and dynamic approach to gait training, enabling our young patients to experience a greater range of motion, including rotational and frontal plane movement. This added versatility is crucial in helping our children develop their motor skills, balance, and coordination. The OASUS system also incorporates bungee cords, encouraging active engagement and fostering independence, thus strengthening their muscles and overall physical development. Furthermore, it simplifies therapists’ work on important milestones like stair climbing.

Schreiber Client Elijah Using the OASUS System

Our new rock wall adds a fun and challenging element to physical therapy sessions for many of our clients. Climbing the rock wall helps children build strength, coordination, and self-confidence while enjoying the process. Combining engaging activities with therapeutic methods is just one way our physical therapists help children reach goals others didn’t believe possible. We’ve expanded our gym to include new exercise equipment, including stationary bikes, to further this goal.

Safety is a top priority at Schreiber, and we’ve updated our mat tables to provide a comfortable and safe surface for various therapeutic exercises and activities in the new gym. These tables offer enhanced support for our children during stretching and strengthening routines, creating a more conducive environment for their rehabilitation.

“The new gym has provided us with more space and flexibility for personalized therapy.  It is very inviting and bright and fun. The several new additions including the OASUS, rock wall, and new mat tables allow us to have even more treatment options to provide the best therapy to the kids that we serve.”

– Laurie Panther, Physical Therapist at the Schreiber Center.
Schreiber Client Lucas working with PT Laurie

Have you ever seen a tree in the middle of a PT gym? If you’ve had sessions in ours, you have. And soon, we’ll be introducing sensory boards and other vertical play areas to enhance our therapy sessions even further on this tree. These additions will provide opportunities for sensory integration and cognitive development. Just another example of how we’re making therapy not only effective but also enjoyable for our young patients.

While the main gym is complete and open to clients, we are still working on completing extra treatment rooms dedicated to casting and pelvic floor treatments, greatly enhancing the level of care we can offer. These specialized rooms will ensure that our children receive the individualized attention they deserve, with access to the specific therapies they require.

The new physical therapy gym at the Schreiber Center stands as a testament to our commitment to the children and families we serve. We are deeply grateful to our supporters, donors, and partners who have made this space possible. Stay tuned for updates as we continue our renovations throughout the center to bring our clients the most innovative and up-to-date technology and services available. The future is bright at the Schreiber Center, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

The Schreiber Center’s New PT Gym

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