Meet our Ambassadors

Every year, we select a group of kiddos to serve as our Schreiber Ambassadors and have their stories help us tell our story to supporters. Each of the kids in this year’s group receives at least three services here. These are services that don’t exist anyplace else in central Pennsylvania, and without your generous support we would not be here and these services would go away. You have made a difference in the lives of so many children with your past support. Here are four of them.

The stories among this year’s group of Schreiber Ambassadors are all different, their challenges unique. But the families have one thing in common: they came to see if Schreiber could help. They came looking for hope.

2020 Ambassadors

David Albino

David Albino, who turned 5 in January, was born with cerebral palsy. He has started services with Schreiber when he was an infant, and now receives all three therapies and attends Schreiber’s S.T.A.R.S. preschool. As a result of his work at Schreiber, David has learned to sit up, stand, speak and walk and continues to improve his ability to move independently with his walker and to speak more clearly and with more words to better communicate. He and his parents live in Lititz.

“All of his experiences (at Schreiber) have been wonderful. Everyone treats him like family. He has to work extra hard because they expect great things from David. He absolutely loves everyone here.”

Rebecca Albino, David’s mother

Cooper Brubaker

Cooper Brubaker, who is 6 years old, was born with skeletal dysplasia, a rare form of dwarfism. He receives occupational therapy, working on building strength and endurance in his muscles. He has been coming to Schreiber for a little more than a year, and his mother Nicole says he has made tremendous progress. He and his parents live in Penn Township near Manheim.

“To see him do things he couldn’t do before is awesome. The confidence he’s gaining is amazing. To see that he’s learning he can do things even though he’s small is incredible.”

Nicole Brubaker, Cooper’s mother

Jalaya Cooper

Jalaya Cooper, who turned 10 in January, was diagnosed with hypotonia (low muscle tone) at the age of 7 months. She has received therapy to treat that and help her overcome a series of developmental delays since. She receives all three therapies at Schreiber, working on fine motor skills in occupational therapy; core strength, balance and coordination in physical therapy; and improving her use of words, both in speaking and with a communication device.

“You come here, and everybody is willing to help care. They’re kind, they’re generous. And without them, I don’t know how much progress Jalaya would have made.”

Sandra Myers, Jalaya’s mother

Elle Haines

Elle Haines, who turns 6 in May, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and receives all three therapy services at Schreiber, and previously attended S.T.A.R.S. preschool. She works on lots of skills at Schreiber, from completing playground climbing and hopping to improving her language and social skills. Elle lives with her parents and her brother Harper in East Hempfield Township.

Schreiber changed Elle’s life. Without the staff, we wouldn’t have been alerted to her autism so early and then so supported on the journey that followed.”

Leah Haines, Elle’s mother

Gabriel Morales

Gabriel Morales, who turned 5 in November, comes to Schreiber as a result of developmental delays that have affected his speech and left him with sensory processing issues. At Schreiber, he has learned how to speak more clearly so others can understand him. He has also overcome a lot of his sensitivities to textures, including sand and grass, which has helped him enjoy family vacations to the beach.

“When he started coming (to Schreiber), others could not understand his speech most of the time. His family, friends and teachers are so impressed with his progress.”

Evelyn Morales, Gabriel’s mother