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What Schreiber Means to Me

“(Keagan) didn’t say anything when we started. I didn’t know anything about (him). I didn’t know anything about his disability. I didn’t know how to fix it. I didn’t know where to go. But now that I’m at Schreiber, I don’t have that worry anymore. I think he will be everything he wants to be.”

– Stephanie Collman


The Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development serves more than 4,000 children every year. We provide outpatient and in-home pediatric therapy services, including occupational, physical and speech-language therapy, for children birth to age 21. We also offer high-quality early education preschool and child care services, recreation programs, summer camps and specialized classes for parents. At Schreiber, we see every child's unique capabilities and help them achieve their fullest potential.


Work with a therapist to develop an individualized, goal-oriented approach to meet the needs of your child.



Attend a Special Event, listen to a guest speaker, or take advantage of recreational and social opportunities for children.



Make a difference in a child’s life. Give the gift of time by volunteering, join us at an upcoming fundraiser or make a donation today.


Upcoming Events

March, 15 2021 - March, 26 2021

Schreiber’s Cup O’ Cards

Join us for the first Schreiber’s Cup O' Cards fundraiser, presented by T-Mobile, and donate to Schreiber while supporting…
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June, 04 2021 - June, 06 2021

Softball Weekend

Hit a home run for the kids... at Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development's 39th Annual Softball Weekend Froehlich Park,…
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July, 13 2021 - July, 13 2021

Golf Classic

11th Annual Golf Classic to benefit children with special needs in Central PA BACK AT CONESTOGA CCNEW JULY DATE July 13, 2021…
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February 4, 2021

MJ Bermudez: Beating the odds

MJ Bermudez was in the middle of an aquatic therapy session with Schreiber PT Laurie Panther when a photographer started snapping his picture. Right away, a big smile spread across MJ’s face. This is somebody who likes having his picture taken. “He doesn’t speak, but he understands everything,” says his mother, Sharon Petrosky. “He has lots of personality. He’s smart, with a great sense of humor.”


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