Recreation Programs

We understand that each of our Schreiber kid’s journey is unique, and we believe that they all deserves a well-rounded and enriching childhood. We’re committed to making that a reality through our recreation programs that not only provide fun and entertainment but also support their developmental health.

Play and leisure activities are important to enhancing the physical and emotional well-being of kids. We recognize that while therapy is vital for our kiddos to thrive, recreation activities play a large role in their health too. Through our recreation programs we are able to help kids unlock their potential and foster an environment where they all feel welcome and included.

Why Choose Schreiber Recreation Programs?

Inclusivity: We embrace the uniqueness of every kiddo and each of our recreation programs offer an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome and supported.

Experience: Our dedicated team of therapists and staff have extensive experience working with kids with various needs.

Well-Rounded: We focus on both therapy and recreation to ensure that each kid we see has the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, and socially in our recreation programs.

Safety-First: Safety is our top priority. We provide a secure and controlled environment to ensure each kiddo is well taken care of and safe.

Socialization: Our recreation programs encourage social interaction and the building of lasting friendships.