Speech-Language Therapy

Speech language pathologist works with young girl client on forming the correct letter sounds

Schreiber Pediatric’s Speech-Language Therapy Department believes that every child deserves the ability to create and share thoughts. How, when and where the child receives, acts on and shares information is the focus of every evaluation and treatment session.

With a team of 10 skilled professionals, we provide comprehensive speech-language therapy for kids with a range of needs. We are committed to providing exceptional pediatric therapy that empowers children to thrive. Our pediatric therapists specialize in speech-language delays, articulation and hearing loss, fluency disorders, voice disorders and feeding and/or swallowing difficulties.

Collectively, our staff boasts an impressive 225 years of experience in childhood apraxia of speech, oral motor issues, hearing loss, spectrum disorders, pragmatics, expressive language, processing disorders, articulation, neurological disorders, and down syndrome.

More information about how to obtain pediatric speech-language therapy for your child can be found here.

To discover more about the experience and skills of each of our pediatric speech-language therapists, we invite you to visit our Therapy Staff bio page here.