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Therapists at Schreiber Went Above and Beyond to Help My Son Thrive: A Personal Testimonial

Written by: Schreiber Client Brayden’s Mom, Alicia Earnesty

Brayden has been attending therapy at Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development for over 5 years now. As a medically complex child, Brayden has many diagnosis and challenges including intractable epilepsy(LGS) and cortical visual impairment. He first began receiving PT, OT, Speech, Feeding and Aqua therapy as we desperately searched for ways to help. He was unable to hold his head up, bare weight, sit up, functional use his hands or share any form of communication. 

Brayden and PT Libby

The amazing therapist at Schreiber immediately began to create a plan. His team has went above and beyond to research, learn other strategies and implement accommodations to help him thrive. The begin years were a true struggle to make progress in the midst of survival mode between hospitalizations and seizures. Covid hit which forced us to pivot to virtual therapy for 2 years working remotely from our basement therapy room. The amazing therapist never gave up and little by little we celebrated Brayden’s inch stones. We celebrated sitting on his own, sit to stand, learning to crawl, standing with support, utilizing both hands, grabbing/holding objects, pointing, saying his first words, making choices and using a communication device. Brayden underwent several brain surgeries over the years and the therapist never skipped a beat to help him rehab, bounce back and make leaps of progress. 

Looking back upon all the years of intensive therapy, it brings joyful tears to our eyes as to how far Brayden has come. Today, Brayden is a walking talking miracle and true representation to never give up hope. Brayden can voice, sign and use his adapted communication device to share what he is thinking, needing and even what he doesn’t want. Brayden can now eat foods by mouth and working so hard on independent fine motor skills. Brayden can now independently walk, go up/down stairs, squat to pick up items, and even run! 

Brayden & PT Libby on Stairs

Brayden waves and squeals with excitement on therapy days. We love calling “the duck duck place” (as Brayden calls it) home as Schreiber has become family and we are forever grateful for the staff and therapists. Thank you to Lisa, Maddy, Rebecca, Libby, Deanna, Meghan, Sarah, Christen, Adrian and so many more for your impact on his journey. To other families looking for the supports your child needs, Schreiber is the BEST in the area hands down. Partnering with them and continuing to implement at home, the sky is the limit! 

Help Schreiber Clients like Brayden receive the care they need, consider donating in support of our Kids’ Care Fund, a long and short term savings account used to cover the costs of uncompensated care.

As a nationally recognized pediatric facility, the Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development provides family-centered education and therapy programs for infants, children and adolescents with disabilities, developmental delays, and acquired injuries. Our goal-oriented approach maximizes each child’s ability to function independently within the community.

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