The generosity of the next generation

First, we have Laurie Fellenbaum’s second graders at Schaeffer Elemntary School in Manheim Township. These community-minded kids decided they wanted to raise money for Schreiber. They pitched their plan to Schaeffer’s PTO (watch the video here), then they carried out their plan, holding a fundraising day at Rita’s in Lititz, complete with raffles, face painting and Rita’s donating a portion of one evening’s sales. The result: nearly $1,200 for Schreiber.
Then this week, we had a group of seventh graders from Hinkletown Mennonite School drop off items they had purchased from our website wish list. They held a bunch of fundraisers to collect money, then they went out and bought items for us: boxes of diapers, wipes and a diaper pail; cups, paper plates and plastic utensils; two vaccuum cleaners; toys. The final tally: more than $700 worth of donated items. So amazing.
Finally, Hannah Kline, 12-year-old daughter of Schreiber PT Denisha Kline, has organized Olympics on Wheels to raise money for Schreiber. Hannah is inviting bike riders to turn out from 9 to 11 a.m. this Saturday, May 30, at Koser Park in Bainbridge, and she wants riders to gather pledges from friends and family, money that will go to Schreiber. The funds will be used to pay for the construction of a bike path at Schreiber. We need $33,000 to build the path, and Hannah wants to raise $20,000. Right now at Schreiber we incorporate bike riding into our therapy, but we have to use our hallways and areas of our parking lot — hardly ideal.

As Hannah says: “The path will be in memory of a young girl who loved to ride her bike. (It) will provide a safe and fun place for kids to learn how to ride.”

So thank you to all the great kids who are willing to spend their time and talent supporting Schreiber. It is very much appreciated.