High school students support Schreiber

Just this week, we had a bunch of guys from Hempfield High School’s lacrosse team in to spend time with the child care kiddos. The little ones, of course, love to hang out with their new friends. And the big, tough lax players sit on the floor and play with blocks or stuffed animals.

Mostly, it’s a fun two-hour break.

But there’s some learning that happens, too. Like if the athletes see one of our kiddos struggle to stand up out of his wheelchair — just for a second. From that one small moment, they know a little bit more about what we do, and about how fortunate they are.

We have other student groups come in periodically to work around the building. They might clean, put up holiday decorations, or spend time as Swim Buddies. They might volunteer at our summer camps or one of our special events.

Some go even further, organizing fundraising events to provide financial support for Schreiber. The golf team at Lancaster Catholic High School raised more than $10,000 in the fall. Students from Donegal High School are having a dance marathon this Friday night into Saturday. You can support Donegal students through their online fundraising page at FirstGiving.com.

We treasure all these generous gifts of time and money. Lancaster County is full of young people who want to give to their community. We’re fortunate that so many of them want to give to Schreiber.