Check-In Kiosks Are Coming to Schreiber!

You’ve seen them in hospitals, urgent care centers, and possibly even your family doctor’s office, and now they’re coming to Schreiber! Check-in kiosks will be available in the lobby of the Schreiber Center this summer for parents and guardians to check in their kiddos for therapy appointments. Check-in and drop-off for daycare and preschool kiddos will not be affected by this update, and Ms. Lisa and Ms. Jena will still be at the front desk to greet all our families when they come in.

At the Schreiber Center we are committed to providing enhanced services to our families from the moment they first enter our doors until long after their kiddos graduation handprints have been added to our walls. This summer, we’re excited to introduce our check-in kiosks designed to streamline your visits and reduce your wait times. Our goal is to make your check-in process as efficient and straightforward as possible without losing that personal touch synonymous with Schreiber.

How Check-In Kiosks Benefit YOU!

Multi-Language Options: Choose your preferred language on the home screen of our kiosk to complete your check-in process. Multiple language options will be available, making these kiosks accessible to all our Schreiber families.

Family-Friendly Features: Easily check-in multiple children or for multiple services with just a few taps. Choose authorized personnel for check-in and payments, and even decide which authorized guardians also have access to your payment information. Allow older kids to check themselves in for services.

Flexible Payment Solutions: Securely save your payment methods, set up auto payments for weekly co-payments, and receive digital receipts directly to your email. Our check-in kiosks will be PCI compliant for safety and security.

Enhanced Accuracy and Security: Updating your contact and insurance information will be easier and more secure, ensuring that billing and insurance details are handled smoothly. Review and update your insurance cards by taking photos of them with the kiosk tablet at any appointment.

Simplified Paperwork: Review and update your contact and insurance information, demographics, authorized personnel, payment information, and more directly on the kiosk tablet at any appointment. Quickly and easily make changes when necessary to avoid billing issues and insurance payment delays.

Convenient Pre Check-In: Check-in using the kiosk in our lobby or from your phone on our client portal before you even arrive to make your visits quicker.

Efficiency in Service: Reduced paperwork and wait times simplify the intake process for a quicker and more efficient check-in, leaving more time for the essential part of your visit—your child’s therapy.

While we’re excited about our new kiosks, it’s important to us that you know we’re dedicated to maintaining our personal interactions that make Schreiber such a special place. As a reminder, Ms. Lisa and Ms. Jena will still be at the front desk to greet you and answer your questions. The new kiosk will not affect drop off or pick up for daycare and preschool kiddos.

As a nationally recognized pediatric facility, the Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development provides family-centered education and therapy programs for infants, children and adolescents with disabilities, developmental delays, and acquired injuries. Our goal-oriented approach maximizes each child’s ability to function independently within the community.