Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children to develop the underlying skills necessary for learning and performing specific tasks while also addressing social and behavioral skills. Therapy can help with the child’s self-concept and confidence, and it helps children develop the basic sensory awareness and motor skills needed for motor development, learning, playing, and healthy behavior. Therapy offers opportunities for improvement in many areas, including: strength and coordination, fine and gross motor coordination, motor planning, ocular motor skills, visual/perception skills, self-regulation, and sensory modulation. Therapists also work with parents, family, caregivers, and teachers to educate and reinforce specific skills and behaviors that will be used to improve the child’s ability to function in different social settings.

Children with autism and sensory processing disorders are often referred to our occupational therapy department for help adapting to sensory and environmental distractions. Our facility houses a sensory integration room with a ball pit, tunnels, swinging hammock, and more.

We employ 13 occupational therapists with certifications in specialty areas ranging from feeding, sensory integration, handwriting, splinting, assistive technology, and acute rehab.