Join the Chairman’s Challenge and Become a Hero for Schreiber Kids

When you enter Schreiber, you enter a world of possibility and hope filled with stories of resilience and triumph. Here, families navigate through challenges, therapists dedicate themselves to transformative work, and children, with unwavering determination, engage in therapy sessions with radiant smiles. These are the individuals we celebrate at Schreiber, and it’s their stories that propel us forward in our mission.

As the chair of the Where HEROES are Made capital campaign and a proud father of a Schreiber graduate, Jeff Bankert is leading an exciting new initiative – the Chairman’s Challenge.

Jeff and Melissa Bankert

Having witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of Schreiber’s services on his own son, Jeff invites the community to join him in securing the future of the Kids’ Care Fund. This fund is more than just a financial initiative; it’s a promise to our community’s future generations. With your support, we can eliminate waiting lists and ensure that children, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances, receive the care they need.

On average, insurance and government assistance fall short on reimbursements by $74 per therapy session, resulting in a staggering $2.7 million in unmet costs for the Schreiber Center in fiscal year 2022. The Kids’ Care Fund addresses this gap, ensuring that families, like the Schaefer’s, whose children attend Schreiber for multiple therapies, are not burdened by the financial strain. Your contribution to the Kids’ Care Fund is an investment in the well-being of children like Katelyn and Kalvin, and it will help us carry forward the legacy of care initiated by our founder, Edna Schreiber, 87 years ago.

Katelyn and Kalvin Schaefer

“They give a lot…beyond what they’re supposed too, and we appreciate it.”

– Kevin Schaefer, dad of Katelyn and Kalvin

Participating in the Chairman’s Challenge and donating to the Kids’ Care Fund is easy and rewarding. The Schreiber Center welcomes gifts in various forms, from immediate cash donations to multi-year pledges and transfers of assets like stocks, life insurance, or qualified charitable distributions. All contributions of $10,000 or more will be recognized on our ‘Schreiber Heroes’ wall, located inside our new pavilion. For gifts of $25,000 or more, you have the opportunity to name a space within our facility, leaving a lasting mark on Schreiber’s legacy.

Jeff Bankert and his family have pledged $25,000 to match all gifts received between now and the end of 2023. By participating in the challenge, you’re not just making a financial contribution – you’re investing in the well-being and future of Schreiber kids and their families.

Visit to make your contribution today and be a part of this incredible initiative.

As a nationally recognized pediatric facility, the Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development provides family-centered education and therapy programs for infants, children and adolescents with disabilities, developmental delays, and acquired injuries. Our goal-oriented approach maximizes each child’s ability to function independently within the community.