Go Big or Go Home: Javion Rodriguez

“Go Big or Go Home” says Schreiber client, Javion Rodriguez, who went big this summer when he played in the Little League World Series Challenger Series. For 30 years this series for kids and teens with physical or mental disabilities has invited the best teams in the world to compete, and for the very first time a local team from Lancaster, PA received the invitation.

As one of the older members of the Lancaster PA team Javion says he feels like a role model and leader amongst the team and takes his position seriously. There is part of him that can’t wait to play in the senior league and really show the world what he’s capable of though. When asked what his favorite part of the game was, he had a difficult time choosing his time at shortstop or batting. He settled on the excitement of batting when he recalled his favorite part of the LLWS game was when he was walking to the plate for his at bat and received a standing ovation from the crowd.

In the off season, Javion works on his fielding skills and hitting off a T in his yard at home. During his physical therapy sessions here at Schreiber he prefers to work on specific exercises that will help strengthen the muscles needed to improve his game. Strengthening his core and improving his stance and swing are his personal physical therapy goals right now. Under instruction and supervision of his therapists here at Schreiber, Javion uses weights during rotation exercises designed to strengthen his obliques and performs a modified foam roller plank to strengthen his arms, legs, and core all while working on improving his coordination.

His passion for all things sports has helped him secure his current job as a sports analyst, interviewing and reporting on players, writing articles, and even doing a bit of marketing for a local ‘backyard’ baseball league. Currently a Freshman at McCaskey with straight A’s and an interest in math, Javion plans to graduate high school, go to college and play baseball in the Challenger League for as long as he remains a student. We have no doubt Javion Rodriguez will always “Go Big”!

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