Schreiber therapists organize Star Wars Week

The fun and creative therapists at Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center have come up with a way to connect therapy for the kids with the buzz surrounding the latest “Star Wars” movie. Star Wars Week will be Jan. 25-29 at the Center, and therapists will convert Schreiber into a Jedi Training Center. Star Wars Week is the first of what will be a series of events throughout the year to mark Schreiber’s 80th anniversary.
Activities for these Jedi Knights-in-training will include practice at life skills that require patience and calm, like tying shoes.
“One of the biggest things Luke Skywalker had to do to be a Jedi was to learn to control his reactions to frustration that would make him upset and angry and activate the Dark Side,” says Schreiber Occupational Therapist Bernie Hershey. “So we will be using that hook with many of the clients who are learning to conquer new daily routines.”
Other planned therapy activities for the week include a Jedi training obstacle course (to learn balance and core strengthening), listening to clips of Yoda and Darth Vader talking (to improve language skills), and looking for Storm Troopers in hiding (to work on their powers of observation).
A group of cosplay performers from the Central Pennsylvania Avengers will visit Schreiber on Thursday, Jan. 28. Jason Johnson is director and founder of the group, which consists of adult hobbyists who dress up in superhero costumes and do appearances to entertain. Their motto is: “We came, we saw, we made smiles.” Expect to see a Kylo Ren, a Rey and a Darth Vader (non-scary variety) roaming the halls of Schreiber that day.