Blue-Power Wingtip, Superhero

Duckie with sensory processing issues helps others

It was a hot night in Blackbeak City. Barely a breeze blew, but it was enough to ruffle the tail feathers under the capes of the assembled Flock. There were muffled quacks and clucks as the seven hero ducks of the winged team waited for their leader. Then, Queen Wonder heard something.

“Up in the sky!” she said, pointing a yellow wingtip.

Over the tall buildings, they saw him: the famous silhouette of BPW. Blue-Power Wingtip flapped his majestic wings against the clouds, soaring in a circle, then landing without fanfare. He greeted his friends with a powerful nod of his beaked face.

“What’s the situation, BP?” asked The Webfoot from behind his green mask.

“We have a new friend who needs our help,” BP replied. “Maintaining a healthy diet can be hard when new foods make eating uncomfortable. The tastes, smells, and textures are giving my friend Aiden a hard time.”

“We both know what Aiden’s going through,” Queen Wonder said with a shake of her feathered head. She had met BPW years ago at a special school for young superducks. Because of their unique sensory processing needs, they had become best friends. They worked together using many of the same skills and coping mechanisms to overcome each new challenge they faced.

“Chewing and swallowing unfamiliar meals are still hard for me,” said Pink Fever, stepping forward as her long, red cape rustled. “But my therapy team has taught me all kinds of techniques to help my mouth get used to new cuisine.”

“Then we’ll need your help, too, Pink,” BP replied. “Let’s get going!”

The three superhero ducks who had worked hard to overcome obstacles they each personally faced due to special sensory processing needs were quick to lend a helping wing. 

The rest of the Flock waved goodbye as the trio flew to Aiden’s house on the other side of Blackbeak City. 

Aiden’s mom and dad had prepared some of his favorite foods but were introducing three new vegetables. Aiden’s face was nervous as Mom scooped asparagus, cooked carrots, and lima beans onto his plate. The superducks landed on the driveway, careful to stay out of the bright beams cast by the streetlamps. They quietly waddled across the front yard and rang the doorbell.

“Is that–is that BPW!?” Aiden’s dad called in surprise and delight when he looked out the window. He opened the front door and welcomed in the three superhero ducks.

“What are you guys doing here?” Aiden asked. “We’re just about give dinner a try. Sometimes it’s hard for me to eat new foods. I think I’m ready to give up.”

“Don’t give up, Aiden!” Queen Wonder began, “We get called whenever someone who is just like us needs a little extra encouragement.”

“Just like you?” Aiden said, looking at his human hands, nose and toes compared to the ducks’ wings, beaks, and webbed feet.

“We’re very much alike, actually,” said PInk Fever. “You see, we all have special sensory processing needs, too!”

“Really?” Aiden said. “How do you eat new foods then?”

The three ducks sat with Aiden and his parents, carefully reviewing some strategies from therapy and offering helpful tips that had helped them with certain tricky foods. As it turned out, BPW did best with foods that didn’t have a strong smell. PInk Fever liked to cut her food into really small pieces, and Queen Wonder preferred her food room temperature. Aiden used all of the suggestions to work with his mom and dad and successfully introduce all three new vegetables in one night! 

(It was a pretty unusual night, after all, with three superducks at his dining room table!)

After Aiden’s dad offered BPW the last slice of blueberry pie, the three members of the Flock were ready to make their grand exit.

“Good night, and good luck, Aiden,” BPW said as he lifted off from the back patio with the wave of a wingtip. “From great effort comes great ability!”