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A wide range of facilities are available at Schreiber Pediatric to enhance therapy sessions, including a Therapeutic Pool, Sensory Integration Room and Activities of Daily Living Area.

Therapeutic Pool

The buoyancy and warmth of water can help increase a child's degree of motion, strength, mobility and calmness, and makes therapy fun! Schreiber Pediatric's on-site therapeutic pool is often an integral part of physical and occupational therapy at the Center.

Sensory Integration Room

The Sensory Integration Room is part of Schreiber Pediatric's Occupational Therapy Department. It offers children on the Autism Spectrum or with a Sensory Processing Disorder a space designed specifically to help them understand their senses and improve their ability to focus. The Sensory Integration Room includes swings, a ball pit, tunnels, lights and more!

Activities of Daily Living Area

The Activities of Daily Living Area resembles a small apartment. Here children can confidently work on life skills that will allow them greater independence. Therapists teach everyday tasks such as making a bed, bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning and much more!

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