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Circle of Friends to remain closed until April 30

Following guidance from the state's Office of Child Development and Early Learning, all child care centers, including Circle of Friends Academy, will remain closed through at least April 30.

We are asking families who have not done so to pay 25 percent of their current weekly tuition to maintain your slot at Circle of Friends and to help with the ongoing operating costs here at Schreiber. We will waive the 25 percent charge for Schreiber parents who have been laid off as a result of COVID-19.

Thank you for your patience during these unusual times. If you have questions, please contact Christina Kalyan at 717-393-0425 ext. 171.

More information on our tuition policy while we're closed

In order to address questions we're hearing about tuition, we are offering some additional information to explain what we have been doing and why we're doing it. We asked for a 50 payment of tuition for each of the past two weeks. We will ask for 25 percent of weekly tuition through April 6. Similar payment policies are in place at other child care providers around Lancaster County. Circle of Friends will evaluate this each week based on Gov. Wolf's guidance for schools and child care centers, and updates will be announced via Hi Mama, as well as on Facebook and our website.

Here's our thinking

We paid teachers through March 27. To be as fair as possible at this difficult time, we commited to paying all employees through March 27. That meant we had all of our payroll costs to cover, even though we were closed.

We pledged to continue paying for health coverage for all Schreiber employees, including Circle of Friends teachers, into June, at a total monthly cost of $30,000 per month to Schreiber.

We postponed one major fundraising event, our annual Gala, which cost us approximately $100,000 in revenue we were expecting the night of the event. Other fundraising events are on hold. We are trying to recover as much of the lost revenue as possible through direct appeals and our Phonathon so that Schreiber is able to re-open when the virus crisis has passed. Your tuition payments are supporting those efforts.

Finally, when we do re-open, staff will be needed to come in a few days before the open date to thoroughly clean and prepare the classrooms. The tuition payments will help subsidize those days when we won't have any kids in classrooms.

This is not an easy time for any of us. We will get through it if we remember we're all in it together.

Why attend Circle of Friends

The Circle of Friends Academy provides high-quality child care in an environment that stresses early learning. Circle of Friends Academy is certified a Star 4 Center by the state's Keystone STARS program. Out of the hundreds of day care centers in Lancaster County, only a handful attain Star 4.

To view or download our brochure, go here.

For tours or to register, contact:
Christina Kalyan
Director of Daycare Services
Circle of Friends Academy
717-393-0425 ext. 171

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