Volunteer Guidelines


As a volunteer at our Center, you will be asked to complete a volunteer application. This form will assess areas of interest regarding volunteer work. The form also outlines expectations including punctual and conscientious fulfillment of duties, while conducting yourself with courtesy and consideration. As a volunteer, you are to accept supervision graciously and direct any problems, criticisms or suggestions to the Volunteer Coordinator. At large, this application is a promise to uphold the tradition and high standards of Schreiber Pediatric while aiming to make your work of the highest quality


When working within the center, volunteers must have current copies (within 5 years) of their Criminal Record History and their PA Child Abuse History.  Volunteers working at special events off site do not need clearances.

PA Criminal Background:

PA Child Abuse:


Volunteers are required to keep all information concerning clients, clients’ affairs and medical records and the Center’s business strictly confidential. Each volunteer will sign a statement of confidentiality on the first day of volunteering that will be kept in their file.


It is the policy of the Schreiber Center to promote a professional image. Volunteers are expected to maintain a neat, clean and well-groomed appearance and to dress appropriately for your tasks. We ask that you wear conservative jewelry, because children can accidentally pull on big earrings, piercings and necklaces. We also ask that you wear close-toed shoes.  Remember this is a family-centered environment.


Volunteer identification badges are to be worn by all volunteers during working hours. The volunteer badges serve to identify you to clients and visitors and to protect against unauthorized persons gaining access to Schreiber Pediatric property and confidential client files.


If the Center is closed for severe weather, it will be posted on WGAL under school closings. If you are unable to make it in because of inclement weather, kindly contact your department supervisor.


Parking is available in the lots to the west side of the building (closest to Good Drive). The parking spaces located to the east side (next to the Bachman Center) of the building are reserved for clients and visitors.