UniBlossom Duckie

The Capital Cupcake Tower was finally finished! UniBlossom Duckie couldn’t wait to see it. All her friends from Rainbow Island School were crossing the Blue Sea for a field trip and grand adventure. The Capital Cupcake Tower had been under construction for months, and its icing-topped roof was finally decorated with enough candy to fit into the skyline of the uni-duckie’s capital city, Wingsweet.

UniBlossom adjusted her glasses under the spiraled yellow-and-blue horn on the top of her feathered duckie head, and smeared some glittery bill gloss on her mouth. Her friends waved and smiled as they got on the bus. UniBlossom chose a seat next to her best friend UniCandy. The uni-duckies all chattered excitedly as UniCandy’s special chair was loaded up, and then the bus pulled out.

After crossing the Pinktown Bridge, the students from Rainbow Island School got their first view of the city. The delicious Wingsweet skyline was constructed from the most stunning array of blues, greens, violets, and yellows anyone could imagine. Their teacher pointed out that Capital Cupcake Tower could be seen in the distance, and everyone cheered.

UniBlossom shaded her eyes with her wingtip and was glad her glasses gave her such a crisp picture. She could see each detail of the new building perfectly: the Vanilla Elevator, the Graham Cracker Gallery, and the Mousse Museum, even the uniform creases of the cupcake wrapper parking lot.

The field trip tour turned out to be better than any of the uni-duckies could have imagined. They sampled candy from all over the uni-verse, admired the fruity colors in the gallery, and learned so much in each of the museum wings dedicated to science, history, music, and baked goods.

The uni-duckies were a little silly from such a long day, and their poor teacher was trying to take a picture of them all together. She tried moving the students around, lining them up with Pinktown Bridge and the Capital Cupcake Tower in the background. But each time she tried to take the picture, someone moved.

She laughed and finally said, “Everybody back on the bus! Today, I just can’t get my uni-ducks in a row!”