Tea Rex Duckie

The kettle whistled on the stove, and Tea Rex Duckie knew her morning mug of Earl Grey would soon be ready. She stretched out her feathered duck-dinosaur tail, and the spikes down her back shimmied. Each step made the house quake as she walked to the table.

Her mommy walked into the kitchen with booming duck-dinosaur steps.

“Good morning, Tea Rex!” Mommy said. Her duck bill curved into a friendly dino smile.

Tea Rex smiled and waved. She picked up her speech tablet and pressed a sunrise for “good morning.”

“What would you like for breakfast?” Mommy asked.

Tea Rex bobbed the tea bag around for a moment while she thought. Navigating to the food menu on her device, she clicked on pictures of eggs and triceratops bacon.

“Sorry, Tea Rex,” Mommy said, “All the triceratops bacon is gone, but I’ll make you eggs for sure! And how about some oatmeal?”

Tea Rex nodded and pressed the button for “thank you.”

The prehistoric duck-dinosaur enjoyed her morning tea and breakfast, then went for a walk. She looked up the ridge to their volcano and saw some Pteranodons circling overhead.

I wonder what’s happening at the volcano?, she thought.

Slipping her speech tablet into her backpack, she and her booming steps hiked around the palm trees until she was close enough to see some bubbling hot, orange flows. New rocks were being formed as the lava cooled. Steam was rising from the wet plants as the lava oozed by. Tea Rex sneezed as some ash from the eruption settled on her duck bill.

Tex Rex felt her feet getting warm and looked back over the path she’d walked. She was delighted to see the enormous footprints she was making in the new landscape. As the new ground hardened, it cracked and popped, but the imprint of her giant footprints remained!

She was so excited that she walked back down the path to a part that was nice and hard. Using her savage duck-dinosaur strength, she stomped off a piece with a crisp foot outline.

She tucked the warm rock into her backpack and started back home.

Mommy asked, “How was your walk?”        

Tea Rex pulled out her tablet and her new prize rock. She clicked the button for “fun” and eagerly showed her mother the new treasure.

She pressed two buttons on her tablet and held the rock up for her mother to see.

“You’re right, Tea Rex,” Mommy said with a cheer. “They are beautiful feet!”