Sir Quacks-a-Lot

The last of the dragon’s fires had been doused with water. Smoke rose up in little curls from the charred remains of the blacksmith’s shop near Sir Quacks-a-Lot’s castle. Sadly, Sir Quacks-a-Lot thought about how dangerous this dragon was for his community. Determined to end the fiery, flying creature’s reign of terror, the valiant duck gathered armor, a beautiful helmet with a long brown pompom on top, a shield with red and purple decorations, and a long jousting stick known as a lance.

Sir Quacks-a-Lot set off toward the lair of the dragon. He flipped down his helmet’s visor, but that made it hard to see, so he flipped it back up.

“Aren’t you scared?” a duckling asked him on his way up the mountain.

“It’s not the size of the duck in the fight,” Sir Quacks-a-Lot responded, “It’s the size of the fight in the duck!”

He hiked all afternoon, finally reaching a dark cave in the mountainside.

“Dragon!” he yelled. “You must stop burning down our villages! Come out and face me! I am ready to fight you!”

“Duck!” a voice yelled from inside the cave.

“Yes,” the knight replied. “I am a duck. My name is Sir Quacks-a-Lot!”

“Duck!” the voice yelled again.

“Yes!” Sir Quacks-a-Lot replied again, feeling indignant. Suddenly, a long stream of fire flashed out the mouth of the cave. Thanks to his knight’s training, Sir Quacks-a-Lot crouched down low and used his shield for protection.

“I have thwarted your vicious attack, dragon!” he yelled. “And I shall protect my town!”

The dragon appeared with his tail between his legs and a wingtip rubbing his nose. “I’m so very sorry,” the enormous creature said to the tiny duck. “I’m glad you heard me when I told you to duck! I’m allergic to feathers! I keep trying to come and introduce myself in your village, but when I get close, all your ducky feathers make me sneeze!”

“Allergic to feathers!?” Sir Quacks-a-Lot was surprised. “So, you aren’t trying to burn down our towns?”

“Burn down your towns? Never!”

The duck and the dragon thought and planned and brainstormed ways the dragon could befriend the ducks without sneezing fire, but they couldn’t solve the problem. After exhausting their last hope, Sir Quacks-a-Lot finally shook his head and said, “I’m sorry, but I give up.” As he shook his head, his visor flipped down.

“Oh bother,” he said, “now I can’t see.”

In that moment, he finally had an idea! He jumped up, raising both wings.

“Dragon!” he said. “I can’t see with my visor down, but I also can’t smell either. Try on my helmet!”

He tossed his helmet to the dragon — from a safe, no-feathers-smelling distance — who caught it and put it on. He approached Sir Quacks-a-Lot slowly. Step by step, he realized he was able to sit next to his friend without sneezing!

“Your helmet has saved me!” the dragon cheered. “Its no-see, no-smell visor has snuffed out my stuffy-nosed need to sneeze!”