It was a hot Lancaster County Tuesday when all the noise started. Summer usually meant watching the sweet corn grow, splashing in the township pool, and trying to catch the ice cream drips before they hit the pavement. This day was different because there had been a scary accident! Mr. Khaki Campbell didn’t see a traffic light turn red, and his car had collided with Mr. and Mrs. Swedish Blue’s SUV as they were on their way downtown.

Fortunately, someone had seen the emergency and called 911. That’s when things went from a quiet day in the countryside to the scene of an action movie!

Flashing lights and screaming sirens might seem frightening, but Parame-Duck trained for more than two years to earn her license as a paramedic. As a special health care professional who can perform advanced lifesaving measures in emergencies, she travelled on an ambulance with a team of specially trained EMTs: emergency med-duck-al technicians.

911 calls are answered at a place called the County Dispatch, and Dispatcher Duclair Duck immediately radioed the nearest ambulance to help.

“We’re on the way!” Parame-Duck replied as she flipped on her siren and lights. Traffic ahead cleared the way for their important mission as Parame-Duck and her team flew in to help.

Mr. Khaki Campbell was just feeling sore, so he would go in to the hospital for some safety checks. Mr. Swedish Blue had a few broken feathers on his right wing, but he was very concerned about his wife. Parame-Duck was surprised to learn that Mrs. Swedish Blue had been headed downtown because she was due to lay an egg that very day!

As the Emergency Med-duck-al Technicians wrapped up Mr. Swedish Blue’s broken wing and prepared him for transport to the hospital, Mrs. Swedish Blue started to breathe funny.

“Is everything ok?” Parame-Duck asked.

“I think my egg isn’t going to wait,” Mrs. Swedish Blue said between quacks.

“Don’t worry,” Parame-Duck said with a soothing voice. “We will take good care of you!”

Staying calm in an emergency was part of Parame-Duck’s training, and she was about to put all her training to good use! It was too late to go downtown, so the team prepared as best as they could for the birth of the egg and waited. Mrs. Swedish Blue did all the work, but Parame-Duck was a great coach and helped keep her safe and stable.

A smooth, round, green-tinted egg was born, and Mr. Swedish Blue couldn’t stop asking to shake Parame-Duck’s wing to thank her. Twenty-eight days later, the egg hatched, and Parame-Duck was invited to come meet the most beautiful grey duckling. The baby’s soft yellow belly was fluffy, and her wobbly little feet were orange.

“How can we ever thank you?” Mr. Swedish Blue asked.

Parame-Duck smiled. “I love helping others!”

The Swedish Blues agreed, “When we needed help, we thank our ducky stars that you were on the job!”