L’il Doggie Duckie

A tumbleweed rolled by as L’il Doggie Duckie quacked for his faithful horse Broomstick. The skinny horse trotted over as the morning sunset burst over their ranch’s mountain view. L’il Doggie kicked the dust off his colorful leg braces while he adjusted his stirrups and cowboy spurs. Today was special: the annual State Fair and Cowboy Race. With a 10-gallon hat on his head, L’il Doggie rode a trotting Broomstick into town.

Every duck in Mallardsville had decorated for their annual fair with colorful ribbons. Each competitor wore a bandana tied between his wingtips, and his fans could cheer while waving flags of the same color. L’il Doggie Duckie had selected bright red for this year’s race, hoping the cheerful color would bring him good luck.

After the pie-eating contest, bobbing for apples, and the jam and jelly judging, the mayor called for all the cowboys to line up with their horses at the starting line. There was Ol’ Bill riding his stallion, Miss Swan riding her mare, and Goosey Gal Gabriella on her mustang. L’il Doggie Duckie knew he and Broomstick would have to do their best to finish. At the starting whistle, they sprang forward and began their run.

The racers made it through the mountain pass, avoiding the hideout of the famous outlaws, the Gaggle Gang. Turning right, L’il Doggie Duckie leaned hard and Broomstick cornered nice and tight — but Goosey Gal Gabriella took the lead. They darted up the dry, dusty road toward the canyon, with the other two competitors close behind.

L’il Doggie Duckie leaned forward and felt the wind in his feathers. As they passed rocks and the occasional cactus, Miss Swan took the lead, then briefly Ol’ Bill was at the front. It was a close race as the cowboys headed down the final stretch, back into town. They could hear the quacking cheers and see the ribbons waving as they turned onto the final straight stretch of Main Street. L’il Doggie Duckie waved at the postmaster, the train conductor, and the manager of the telegraph station. Broomstick stretched his long neck out for the final crossing, and it was a photo finish!

The mayor took a second look and proudly declared there was a winner by a wingtip. Everyone cheered for the dynamic duo — first place for L’il Doggie Duckie and his faithful steed Broomstick!