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Lil Doggie Duckie

A tumbleweed rolled by as Lil Doggie Duckie quacked for his faithful horse, Broomstick. The skinny horse trotted over as the morning sunset burst over their ranch’s mountain view. Lil Doggie kicked the dust off his colorful leg braces while he adjusted his stirrups and cowboy spurs. Today was special: the annual State Fair and Cowboy Race.


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It was a hot Lancaster County Tuesday when all the noise started. Summer usually meant watching the sweet corn grow, splashing in the township pool, and trying to catch the ice cream drips before they hit the pavement. This day was different because there had been a scary accident! Mr. Khaki Campbell didn’t see a traffic light turn red, and his car had collided with Mr. and Mrs. Swedish Blue’s SUV as they were on their way downtown.

Sir Quacks-a-Lot

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The last of the dragon’s fires had been doused with water. Smoke rose up in little curls from the charred remains of the blacksmith’s shop near Sir Quacks-a-Lot’s castle. Sadly, Sir Quacks-a-Lot thought about how dangerous this dragon was for his community. Determined to end the fiery, flying creature’s reign of terror, the valiant duck gathered armor, a beautiful helmet with a long brown pompom on top, a shield with red and purple decorations, and a long jousting stick known as a lance.

Tea Rex Duckie

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The kettle whistled on the stove, and Tea Rex Duckie knew her morning mug of Earl Grey would soon be ready. She stretched out her feathered duck-dinosaur tail, and the spikes down her back shimmied. Each step made the house quake as she walked to the table.

UniBlossom Duckie

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The Capital Cupcake Tower was finally finished! UniBlossom Duckie couldn’t wait to see it. All her friends from Rainbow Island School were crossing the Blue Sea for a field trip and grand adventure. The Capital Cupcake Tower had been under construction for months, and its icing-topped roof was finally decorated with enough candy to fit into the skyline of the uni-duckie’s capital city, Wingsweet.

John Dear Duckie

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John Dear Duckie parked the tractor in the big red barn and tossed his hat onto the hook by the door. It landed with a gentle thunk. A perfect shot! He picked up his pitchfork and surveyed the rolling green summer fields where corn, alfalfa, and grain grew in lines.

Waverider Duckie

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What a morning! Waverider Duckie had been catching the curl for hours with his buddies. Surfing was great exercise and a fun challenge, especially for someone with webbed feet. Waverider Duckie loved nothing more than the smell of the sea air and the feel of the crashing waves.