Duckie Stories

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Superhero Duckie

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It was a hot night in Blackbeak City. Barely a breeze blew, but it was enough to ruffle the tail feathers under the capes of the assembled Flock. There were muffled quacks and clucks as the seven hero ducks of the winged team waited for their leader. Then, Queen Wonder heard something.

Train Conductor Duckie

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Choo Choo Duck looked out the window of her engineer’s cab. A group of ducklings waved in excitement. They often gathered in the afternoon sun to watch her make her midday pass on her route through the town’s square. The Engineer nodded back and gave a gentle toot of the whistle. Still, she kept her eyes locked on the track, always watchful for the safety of her cargo and passengers. Without warning, some lights flashed on her control panel, the radio quacked to life, and a clanging started echoing from large bells on the poles at the crossing ahead.


Astronaut Duckie

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“Good try, Luna,” the teacher said. “I know you’re doing your best!”

Seven-year-old Luna Duck stared at the paper with a frown. Math was so confusing, and she felt so disappointed each time she studied hard and still failed. She looked up at the moon each night, dreaming of being an astronaut. But everyone knew astronauts had to be amazing at math.

I will never get to the moon, Luna thought in defeat.

Then Luna started tutoring with Pythagoras Duck, a math whiz.

Baseball Duckie

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Rosin Duck sat in the stands and ate her Cracker Jacks nervously with one wing. It was a long 7th inning stretch, but she would have waited weeks to see the end of this game. Her favorite team, the Webfooted Wonders, were down by one, but the heart of the order was due up.

It was a rally for the ages as the Wonders scored two, but then their rivals hammered back with two of their own. With only one out left in the ninth, the Wonders’ first baseman stepped to the plate with a teammate on first.

Rosin cheered her heart out, clapping robustly with her full wing and her other one, which was shorter, thinner, and had fewer feathers.

Gold Medal Duckie

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Sneaks Duck was rarely seen without his orange basketball in his hands. Whether he was twirling it on a feather tip, bouncing it on the ground in a steady dribble, or simply tucking it delicately under his wing, the inflated orange sphere was his constant companion. He played basketball for his school, the community center, and in a church rec league, plus attended three weeks of basketball camps every summer. He were a lot of different jerseys in many colors, with many numbers. Sneaks dreamed of being a star when he got to high school and hoped to someday earn a college scholarship to play ball. 

Everything changed the rainy Thursday that a truck spun out and hit their car as Sneaks and his dad were coming back from the grocery store.

Chef Duckie

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Saucy Duck’s beak always seemed to be a problem. Pronouncing words took so much effort, and many of the other ducks couldn’t understand what she was trying so hard to say. Her mama and papa duck could usually make it out, but others in the flock seemed to think it was gibberish. She dreamed of an effortless transformation into something or someone else, like how the Ugly Duckling in the old story turned out to be a swan. Instead, Saucy continued to struggle.

Still, Saucy found joy in the kitchen! She loved to read cookbooks and try new recipes. When holding a wooden spoon, her mouth didn’t seem like a problem, but an asset! She could taste the smallest dash of saffron, detect a smidgen of cinnamon, or a hint of curry. Saucy loved to combine a little of this and a little of that until it tasted just right.