LEGO Social Skills Camp

A Schreiber summer experience where kids build their social skills while they build with LEGOs.

Does your child enjoy creating and building with LEGOS? Do they occasionally need some guidance in how to appropriately engage with peers?

If so, this is the perfect group for them!

This LEGO-based group will use cooperative play therapy in which children have the opportunity to work together to build and create using LEGOs. Children will work together in pairs or in groups of three in order create a final project. The requirement to work collaboratively encourages practice of working together, joint attention, joint accomplishment, division of labor, sharing, turn-taking, eye-contact, gaze-following, verbal communication, nonverbal communication, social communication, social support, social problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. Each participant must be verbal and able to follow simple directions.

These skills will be coached and encouraged throughout the group. This LEGO group allows for organic practice of these skills in a motivating and fun environment which will encourage learning and skill development.


Ages: 7-13
Dates: June 9-Aug. 18, with no camp July 7 (10 weeks)
Time: Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Location: The Bachman Center, 633 Community Way, Lancaster (next to Schreiber’s main building)
Cost: $250

Questions? Contact Kaity Sollenberger at 717-393-0425 x180 or

Registration is now paused and we have created a waiting list for families interested in enrolling. Please send an email with your name, phone and email address to Kaity Sollenberger at