Schreiber Stories

If you’ve ever been to Schreiber, you know the place is full of amazing stories. The dedicated staff that works with the kids every day. An amazing team of volunteers, from the folks who help with office tasks to board members and committee members. And the families.

Especially the families.

The moms and dads who deal with some of the toughest situations a parent can face. And the kids. The kids who come in here and put in so much work to make their lives better, more independent. And they do it with smiles.

There are lots of stories that we know you – in Lancaster County and beyond – would be interested in and connect with. And we want to tell them.

That’s the purpose of this blog.

And we want to hear from you – parents of Schreiber kiddos, Schreiber alumni, volunteers – so that we hear about the stories we might not know about. Leave a comment here, contact us on Facebook, or shoot me an email.

Skipping like the wind

Remy has cerebral palsy, a disorder that’s the result of damage to the developing brain. It’s one of the more common causes of chronic childhood disability: About 10,000 infants in the U.S. are diagnosed with it each year, according to WebMD. The condition affects the left side of Remy’s body, and she wears a brace…

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My Story, Joanne Martin: Why I love Schreiber

On June 6, Chris will be participating in Schreiber’s Softball Weekend to raise money for the services Schreiber Pediatric provides. Since birth, Chris has been a client of Schreiber, first with occupational therapy and physical therapy more recently for weekly Friday appointments to get his fingers and fine motor skills working better. They have been…

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The generosity of the next generation

First, we have Laurie Fellenbaum’s second graders at Schaeffer Elemntary School in Manheim Township. These community-minded kids decided they wanted to raise money for Schreiber. They pitched their plan to Schaeffer’s PTO (watch the video here), then they carried out their plan, holding a fundraising day at Rita’s in Lititz, complete with raffles, face painting…

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