Schreiber Stories

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit Schreiber, you have seen firsthand a place brimming with captivating and inspiring stories. We are grateful to have a devoted staff of amazing therapists who diligently work with the children every day and fortunate to have a team of volunteers who contribute their time and effort to our mission.

But it is the families that truly stand out. From care takers navigating through some of the most challenging situations, to the children themselves working hard in every therapy session. We celebrate these resilient individuals who enter our doors and dedicate themselves to improving their lives and striving for independence all while wearing smiles on their faces.

There is an abundance of stories within our grasp. These stories are the essence of our purpose for this blog. We yearn to share them with you, to create connections, and to touch hearts.

We know there are stories we are not yet aware of though, which is where you come in. Care takers of Schreiber kids, Schreiber alumni, and volunteers, we want to hear from you. Your voices and experiences are invaluable, and we eagerly await the opportunity to hear from you!

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McGyver those election signs for Schreiber kids

I recently attended a make-and-take seminar entitled “Creating Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes,” and it featured the creative genius of Therese Willkomm, who holds a doctorate in assistive technology and is known as the assistive technology McGyver. She is a nationally recognized guru for her work in making solutions in minutes using everyday materials. We…

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Justin Walker returns to Camp Schreiber — for his job

Justin’s time at Schreiber goes back 20 years. He was born with osteogenesis imperfecta, commonly known as brittle bone disease. He started coming to Schreiber when he was 2 and at 4 was named a Schreiber ambassador. He received therapy, attended preschool (and worked with Jay Graver, Mr. Jay, the current preschool and camp director)…

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Sophia Clay thrives at Schreiber

Kelly was looking for outpatient physical therapy to continue what she was already doing in the home, and Schreiber had what she was looking for — a new perspective and some new ideas. Sophia has cerebral palsy and struggles to control her body movements. Gaining muscle strength and control is important for her, as this…

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Meet the 2016 Ambassadors: Sophia Panzini

Sophia Panzini Age: born 3/21/97 (18, turning 19 in March) Diagnosis: Autism spectrum disorder Parents: Reenie and Peter Panzini, Manheim Township Siblings: Edward, 20; Carina, 10 Favorite activities: Listening to music, adult coloring books, playing games on the Wii, collecting jewelry What she watches and listens to: The Food Network, “Spider Man” movie, Destiny’s Child…

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Meet the 2016 Ambassadors: Ty McCabe

Tiberius “Ty” McCabe Age: He turned 6 in December Diagnoses: Pierre Robin Syndrome, Pterygium Syndrome, hearing impaired, speech and language impaired Grade and school: Schreiber S.T.A.R.S. Preschool Parents: Kevin and Margaret McCabe, Lititz Siblings: Delaney, 12 Favorite activities: Playing with Delaney; playing with trains, tractors and monster truck toys; playing ABC Mouse and tabletop games…

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Meet the 2016 Ambassadors: Graham Lodwick

Graham Lodwick Age: He turns 12 in August Diagnosis: Deaf and childhood speech apraxia Grade and school: Fifth grade, John Beck Elementary School Parents: Wendy Williams and Karl Lodwick of South Lebanon Township, Lebanon County Siblings: Graham has an older brother Reese, 14 Favorite activities: Playing with pets, playing video games, bowling and riding his…

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