Schreiber receives $250,000 matching grant from Stabler Foundation

Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development, Lancaster County-based provider of pediatric therapy services, will receive a $250,000 matching grant from the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation to fund general operations at Schreiber.

The grant will provide a dollar-for-dollar match for all the money raised by Schreiber starting June 11, 2020, when Stabler forwarded its approval. Stabler is matching up to $250,000, and Schreiber has one year to raise the matching funds. The initial $250,000 grant combined with what Schreiber hopes to raise from the community would mean $500,000 for the organization, matching the amount raised following a similar grant by the Stabler Foundation in 2016. That grant was the largest contribution toward adding an infant room to Circle of Friends Academy child care.

Every dollar donated to Schreiber will now be doubled, thanks to the Stabler grant. A $10 Duckie purchase becomes $20 for Schreiber. The $500 raised by a team for Softball Weekend in August becomes $1,000 for Schreiber. A $1,000 sponsorship for the Golf Classic in October becomes $2,000 for Schreiber.

“This grant couldn’t have come at a better time for Schreiber,” said Schreiber President James DeBord. “Obviously, with everything happening around COVID-19, raising revenue is even more of a concern than usual. The community rallied around us, as it always does, these past three months. But we don’t know what challenges are ahead of us. This grant and the matching dollars it generates will give us a significant boost at a critical time in our fundraising.”

Schreiber has gradually phased in services in various departments. It has been open and providing limited therapy and behavioral health services, primarily through telehealth sessions, since early April. The Circle of Friends Academy child care center re-opened June 8. Camp Schreiber began operating virtually June 22. In addition, some Schreiber fundraising events that were limited, delayed or postponed are finding new dates, including Softball Weekend (Aug. 21-23) and the Golf Classic (Oct. 21).

“We will keep making adjustments as we go,” DeBord said. “And we will keep telling our story. This place has been around for 84 years. I have faith that the staff, our leadership and this community will do what’s necessary to make sure we’re still here on the other side of COVID.”