Schreiber approved to receive money via EITC program

December 2017

Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center was recently approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development to receive contributions from the state’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program.

The program allows businesses to direct a portion of their state tax obligations to eligible nonprofits. Businesses that support Schreiber and already participate in the EITC program can now include Schreiber with their EITC dollars, and supporting businesses that are new to the EITC program have a new way to donate to Schreiber. Businesses that have never partnered with Schreiber have a new way to provide a contribution. The purpose of the program is to give state businesses a way to reduce their tax liability while at the same time supporting nonprofits that provide education services.

Schreiber Pediatric was approved to receive money in two categories. The organization’s summer camps and respite program provide educational opportunities for high school-age volunteers and camp counselors, making Schreiber eligible as an Educational Improvement Organization. The S.T.A.R.S. Preschool and Circle of Friends Academy, both of which offer high-quality learning for preschool-age children, are eligible as Pre-Kindergarten Scholarship Organizations.

Schreiber President James DeBord said revenue from businesses participating in the EITC program represents one more way for community supporters to help the children of Schreiber.

“We don’t make enough money from providing our services because reimbursements are so low,” DeBord said. “On top of that, the demand for our services just keeps going up. Without the generosity of the community, we would not be able to stay open. Being approved for EITC has the potential to be huge for us.”

Rich Riva is a Schreiber board member. He is also owner and president of Wire-Mesh Products Inc., a manufacturing business based in York.

“As a small business owner, the EITC provides an opportunity to direct Pennsylvania tax dollars to organizations and causes that are important to us,” Riva said. “We are able to witness firsthand the impact these dollars have on our community. These tax dollars have to be paid each year, so why not direct them to organizations we wish to support? Who wouldn’t want to do this?”

Details on Schreiber and the EITC program can be found at:

Businesses interested in donating through the EITC program can read or download detailed application instructions from the DCED website at:

To learn more about how the EITC program would provide direct support for Schreiber, contact Dan Fink in the Financial Development Office at 717-393-0425 ext. 105 or


Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that provides physical, occupational and speech-language therapy, as well as educational and recreational programs for thousands of children in central Pennsylvania living with congenital and acquired disabilities and developmental delays. Schreiber also provides services for typically developing children, including a PA Stars 4 Star day care center for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years.