Edna’s Angels

Edna’s Angels
Schreiber’s Women’s Giving Circle

  • Who are Edna’s Angels?

    Edna’s Angels is an association of women organized under the auspices of Schreiber Pediatric. Members harness the power of collective giving by pooling their donations and investing them effectively in projects that will build and strengthen the Schreiber Center’s programs. Edna’s Angels also provides women with the educational opportunities, designed to enhance members’ capacity for philanthropic leadership.

  • What is the Membership Fee?

    Any woman can join by making an annual contribution of $250 and a commitment to participate in the Giving Circle’s activities. At the beginning of each year, members will sign a pledge for payment of the annual contribution. 100 percent of the membership dues go to support the children. Your gift of $250 can turn into $10,000 and more. Join TODAY and share the news with all your friends. Click on the submit button at the top of this page to make your contribution and join the remarkable work being done by Edna’s Angels.

  • How Will the Funds Be Used?

    Each year, the combined contributions of Edna’s Angels members will be used to support specific projects and services (non-operating costs) of the Schreiber Center for Pediatric Development. The membership will vote annually on the Schreiber Center project or service to benefit from the fund.

  • How Often Does the Circle Meet?

    Members of Edna’s Angels will meet at least two times each year.

    Spring Social–Membership Drive

    Fall Annual Meeting–Current members vote to determine project(s) or service(s) to receive funding.

Next meeting:
Tuesday, April 19
11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Location to be determined

During the Annual Meeting, members are presented with grant proposals from Schreiber staff members while enjoying a delicious luncheon. After the presentations, ballots are distributed for voting on the projects. Once the ballots are tallied, Edna’s Angels makes their gifts to the children of the Center.

For More Information about the Edna’s Angels Women’s Giving Circle, please contact Susan Fisher in the Financial Development Office by email at sfisher@schreiberpediatric.org.