Kiosk Check-In at Schreiber

Check-In kiosks are coming to Schreiber!

Here at Schreiber, we’re focused on providing family-centered efficient and effective care from the moment you enter our doors until long after your kiddo graduates from our programs.

Our next step in maximizing your experience with us starts at the door, with our new check-in kiosks. These state-of-the-art kiosks are designed to revolutionize your check-in experience, making it faster, more convenient, and tailored to your needs.

How to Check-In Using the Kiosk

Using our new check-in kiosks is simple and straightforward. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Approach the kiosk and select “Check-In” on the touchscreen.
  2. Enter your personal information as prompted, such as name, date of birth, and contact details.
  3. Complete any necessary forms or questionnaires directly on the kiosk tablet.
  4. Save your payment information securely for future transactions.
  5. Confirm your check-in details and submit.

That’s it! You’re now checked in and ready for your appointment. It’s that easy!

To save time at the center, you can also pre check-in using our client portal on your computer or phone. If you take advantage of this option, once you get to the center you would simply need to select “Check-In” on the kiosk.

Benefits of the Check-In Kiosk

These kiosks were chosen for their impressive list of benefits available to our Schreiber families including:

  1. Multi-Language Options: Select your preferred language at our kiosk for easy check-in, ensuring accessibility for all Schreiber families.
  2. Family-Friendly Features: Check in multiple children or services, assign authorized personnel, and empower older kids to self-check-in.
  3. Flexible Payment Solutions: Safely store payment methods, automate weekly co-payments, and receive digital receipts via email, all PCI compliant.
  4. Enhanced Accuracy and Security: Update information securely, including insurance cards via kiosk tablet photos, ensuring smooth billing and insurance processing.
  5. Simplified Paperwork: Review and update contact, demographic, and payment information directly on the kiosk tablet to prevent billing issues and delays.
  6. Convenient Pre Check-In: Save time by checking in at the lobby kiosk or remotely from your phone on our client portal before your arrival.
  7. Efficiency in Service: Streamlined intake processes reduce paperwork and wait times, prioritizing your child’s therapy during visits.

Key Features of the Check-In Kiosk

  1. Express Self-Check-In: Expedite the check-in process by completing forms, updating insurance information, demographics, and saving payment information with ease.
  2. Secure Payment Processing: Make payments conveniently and securely right at the kiosk, eliminating the need for separate transactions.
  3. Seamless Integration: Your information seamlessly syncs with our electronic medical records system, ensuring a smooth transition from check-in to treatment.


  1. Who should use the kiosk to check-in?
    • All therapy clients, parent, or guardian will use the kiosk to check in for their physical, occupational, speech-language, or behavioral health therapy appointment. See our full billing and check-in policy update for more detailed information.
  2. Can I use the kiosk to check in my daycare or preschool child?
    • You will not need to use these kiosks for daycare or preschool children. No changes will be made to how daycare and preschool children are dropped off and picked up at this time.
  3. Is using the kiosk for check-in mandatory?
    • Yes. Kiosk check-in is fast, convenient, and tailored to the needs of each family.
  4. Is my personal information secure?
    • Not only are the check-in kiosks PCI compliant, but they are also fully integrated into our electronic medical records system so none of your information ever goes through a middleman. This means that check-in using the kiosk is the most secure option.
  5. Will someone still be available at the front desk if I have a question?
    • Our receptionists will still be at our front desk, and available to answer your questions.