Donor spotlight: Kathy and Ed Schoenberger

The Schoenbergers’ connection to Schreiber goes back a long way, when Schreiber was still affilliated with Easter Seals.

Kathy grew up in Millersville and, through an aunt, made a visit one summer to the Woods School, now known simply as Woods, an organization that served the special needs community. That was when she was in high school.

Until then, she thought she’d be a chemistry major. After working with the individuals at Woods, her focus changed.

“I just loved working with those kids,” Kathy said. “We really got along well together. When it was time to apply to school, I couldn’t afford to go anywhere but Millersville, and they had a special ed program in their College of Education. That’s what I wanted to do.”

Ed followed a similar path. He started at what was then Bloomsburg State College, studying to become an accountant. When his money ran out, he transferred to Millersville and also ended up in the special ed program.

After college, she and Ed started out as special education teachers in the Conestoga Valley School District. Ed said they met where love often blooms: a department meeting at school.

Ed stayed at CV for 34 years. Kathy switched to the IU and moved around to different schools in Lebanon and Lancaster counties.

They knew about Schreiber, mainly through the kids they worked with who also received services here. When they retired, supporting Schreiber financially seemed natural. They started out buying rubber duckies.

“I had quite a collection of duckie shirts from various years,” Kathy said.

She joined Edna’s Angels, Schreiber’s women’s giving circle, a few years ago, and Ed started increasing his support using money from the IRA withdrawls he had to take each year.

All of that led this year to their decision to contribute $30,000 to the Stabler grant fund, a gift that was matched by $30,000 from the Stabler Foundation.

“There are several organizations I regularly give to,” Kathy said. “I vet them so I’m comfortable my money is going to a worthwhile place. … We know Schreiber’s mission, and we know you will deliver services effectively and use the money wisely.”