Schreiber aims high for this year’s Extraordinary Give

It’s called $80K in a Day, and it’s exactly what it sounds like. We want you to join us in this year’s 24-hour ExtraGive and help us raise $80,000 for Schreiber. It’s an ambitious goal, more than doubling last year’s total, but if you know anything about the Schreiber spirit, you know we aim high.

What we’re asking is simple: Commit to giving at least $80 and join our new Extra Give Century Club. And bring along 10 of your friends who will also commit to an $80 donation. That’s 1,000 people each giving $80: That’s what will get us to $80,000. Don’t forget: It’s all to help the thousands of children we serve from across Lancaster County and central Pennsylvania. The life-changing services you support would not be available here in Lancaster were it not for Schreiber.

Will you give at least $80 for the Extraordinary Give? And can you invite 10 friends who will pledge to do the same?

The Extraordinary Give comes at a good time for Schreiber. After a series of successful fundraising efforts in the first six months of 2015, the weather threw a bunch of cold water on our DuckiePalooza Weekend in the middle of September. That’s on top of the fact that we lost $100,000 in United Way funding this year because of its internal changes. And we have had to endure the budget impasse in Harrisburg, which has forced us to maintain operations without the hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to us by the state for the Medicaid-covered services we provide.

We have carried on in spite of the challenges, but you can make a difference again at this critical juncture. Add your name to our Century Club list. Please bookmark our Extra Give page and come back on November 20 ready to give at least $80 — and make sure you have 10 friends ready to do the same. When you say yes, we will have a thank you get-together the night of the EGive, courtesy of Judy Ross and our friends at Lancaster Dispensing Co.

Let’s see what it feels like to raise $80,000 in a day for the benefit of the many children and families who depend on Schreiber every day.

And speaking of 80: Next year will be Schreiber’s 80th anniversary. What better way to start the celebration of that remarkable milestone than to make this important contribution to services we provide today, services that continue the work Edna Schreiber started back in 1936.

Join the Schreiber Century Club and make the 2015 Extraordinary Give a day to remember. Thank you again for all you do to help carry on the mission of Schreiber!

Check here for updates on Nov. 20: You will be able to watch the progress we make toward our goal as we update the graphic below throughout the day on the day of the Extra Give.