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April 1, 2015

Volunteer Spotlight: Nick Renfroe, Lancaster Young Professionals

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A big part of the Schreiber extended family is our volunteers. People who serve on committees, who work in our office, who help keep the property looking nice, who support our events. No group of people has been more supportive than Lancaster Young Professionals, and nobody at LYP is more of a Schreiber presence than Nick Renfroe.

Nick Renfroe, one of Lancaster Young Professionals' many community volunteers, has been a fixture at Schreiber events for several years.

Nick owns a consulting business with his dad called Renfroe Associates International, a defense contractor with clients in the Middle East and North Africa. He has a remarkable resume. He built a handful of overseas companies from the ground up before coming back to Lancaster County to work in the family business. He graduated with honors from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1998, majoring in English, philosophy and religion. Oh, and he also studied physics and calculus at Millersville University.

He still spends a lot of time traveling for work and pleasure (he once took six months to hike the entire length of the Pacific Coast Trail). But when he's in Lancaster, he's committed to serving community.

He joined LYP about four years ago and specifically wanted to join the Community Service Committee.

"When I started, we had one fellow who'd been running the program for awhile," Nick said. "We had good relations with over 100 organizations, and whenever somebody would call for help, we'd show up. We were on-call labor.

"We decided we could make more of an impact if we were a little more selective."

Nick was part of the team that revised how LYP did community service. They asked members which nonprofits they wanted to support. They analyzed the work and strength of local nonprofits. They eneded up identifying six broad areas in which to focus their support: homelessness, hunger, children with special needs, seniors with special needs, education and animals.

They developed a pretty long list of organizations that worked in those areas and then narrowed that down to a final list of about a dozen or so.

"Schreiber was always at the top of our list," Nick said. "Aside from all of the great things that we can say about Shreiber's goals, management, use of funds, and heartfelt execution of their mission, we have fun working with Schreiber. The events themselves are a good time. The staff, volunteers, and attendees share a similar spirit and a collective 'can do' attitude. While the primary purpose of volunteering is to give of yourself to enhance the experience of another, we always feel appreciated, valued, and respected when we work events with Schreiber.

"The events are also very well managed and feedback is sought out and incorporated. It is a pleasure to work with a group of people that are always focused on improvement - not change, but improvement. To be able to maintain that kind of focus there has to be the proper environment and attitude at the executive level. It adds up to a great experience for everyone involved."

Nick and LYP have been to Schreiberpalooza and the Rubber Duckie Race. They have been a huge presence at our holiday open house. This past weekend, they provided a group to help run the live and silent auctions at our gala.

Judging by the energy and enthusiasm at the gala, this relationship between LYP and Schreiber has been wildly successful -- for both sides.


Do you have a group that wants to make a difference in the Lancaster County community? Come voluteer at Schreiber. To learn how, contact Marie Johnston at 717-393-0425 ext. 129 or by email at

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