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June 30, 2016

I Love Schreiber Essay Contest winner: Jana Kuhns

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Jana Kuhns, 16

Jana Kuhns suffered a tramautic brain injury during a car crash in March 2014. She nearly died from her injuries, and she continues to have difficulty using the right side of her body. Here is the story of how Schreiber is making a difference in her life, in her words.

Jana Kuhns, center, flanked by physical therapists Lisa Stachler Volk and Laurie Panther, who have been leading Jana's therapy at Schreiber.

I have been a client of Schreiber since July 22, 2014. I started with physical, occupational, and speech therapy three days a week. In September 2015 I decreased to two days a week, and in December 2015 I went down to once a week. I am still attending Schreiber today, which is a bright spot in my week. Schreiber is doing their mission in my life now because I know they are enriching my life even today.

My best time at Schreiber is now because in PT I am refining my basic functioning. In OT I am learning to adjust to life with one full use hand and one disabled hand. Therapy is fun and I love it.

Schreiber impacted my life because when I was evaluated, I was in a wheelchair and not helping a lot at home. With the help from my therapists, now I walk with a quad cane and sometimes I walk with nothing in the house. Also I am helping with the house work. I never dreamed I would make this much improvement.

Our community should support Schreiber because they help our kids. The kids will grow up and follow their dreams because Schreiber pushed them to dream beyond their limits. I would still be in a wheelchair if it weren't for my physical therapists. I wouldn't be helping at home if it weren't for my occupational therapists. And I would still have trouble talking if it weren't for my speech therapists. Schreiber is making dreams come true in the lives of the kids that go there for treatment, so our community should all help support Schreiber.

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