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May 9, 2016

Fellenbaum Fun Fair returns for second year

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Last year about this time, Laurie Fellenbaum's second-graders at Schaeffer Elementary School in Manheim Township were planning a couple of fundraising events to help Schreiber. This year, with a new bunch of kids, they're at it again.

Last year, Laurie Fellenbaum's second graders at Schaffer Elementary School raised nearly $2,900 for Schreiber. This year, she has a new class working on a new fundraising campaign for us.

CORRECTION: The original version of this post listed the wrong date for Schreiber Night at Rita's. The correct date is Tuesday, May 24.

Last year's effort included a fundraising day at Rita's in the Shoppes at Kissel Village shopping center near Lititz. The kids will do that again this year from 5-9 p.m. Tuesday, May 24, and they will bring back everything that made last year's event such a success, including raffle basket, face painting and, of course, Rita's Italian ice. Rita's will again donate a portion of its proceeds from the May 24 event, and Laurie says it's a sliding scale -- so more sales mean a larger portion of the proceeds would come to Schreiber.

This year, Laurie has added some new wrinkles to the fundraising. The class has been out soliciting sponsors to support this year's Fun Fair, set for Friday, June 3, at Schaeffer Elementary. These kids are learning about nonprofit fundraising -- how cool is that; maybe one of them will want to work here in about 15 years. They have a GoFundMe page to allow supporters to donate online (always good to reach those mobile givers!) And to take advantage of her preference for purple clothing and accessories -- she called it an illness -- she is challenging herself to go one day without wearing purple and has asked kids to support that effort by donating pennies that will go to Schreiber.

They are all in for Schreiber, and here's why.

"The experience was powerful for my class last year," she wrote on the GoFundMe page, "and this year's group was excited to add their own flair! We are hopeful to raise even more money this year for this fantastic nonprofit (that provides) services (to) kids in Lancaster County. My able-bodied children are gaining an understanding of giving back to the community, as well as putting someone else ahead of themselves. We are completely captivated by the novel "Out Of My Mind," by Sharon Draper, a touching and humorous account of a little girl with cerebral palsy. (I definitely recommend will change you!) So, we are growing as people, and we are hoping you will help us."

They raised nearly $2,900 last year. As Laurie said, the kids want to raise even more this year. With your help they will.

  • Go here to donate to their GoFundMe page.
  • Mark your calendar for Mrs. Fellenbaum's Schreiber Night at Rita's May 24.
  • Share this with your friends on social media.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment these kids will feel after putting their time and energy into this project. Let's lift them up, and at the same time you will lift up the kids of Schreiber.

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