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September 2, 2016

A music video to tell the world about Schreiber

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We are thrilled to finally be able to begin talking about the major announcements coming from Schreiber Pediatric over the next few weeks. There are some amazing stories and some history-making news to share. But right now, here's the first piece of big news.

Watch Schreiber's first offical Schreiber music video, and see the special light that fills this building every day.

For friends of Schreiber and for all those who have come through our doors in the past 80 years, please enjoy the world premiere of our first official Schreiber music video. We think it captures the essence of Schreiber: staff and kids who fill our building with a special kind of light.

Thanks to Chris Dearolf and Disciple Media for the production and to Zach Berkman, whose song "Get Up Get Up" captured the Schreiber spirit so beautifully. Thanks also to the Steinman Foundation for the funding that helped make this video possible.

Chris also produced a series of short Schreiber Stories videos that we will introduce over the coming weeks. They spotlight four of our families, and they are also inspiring and powerful.

This will lead later this month to another major announcement, news that will literally reshape the Center.

For now, watch the video. Share it in emails or social media with everyone you know. Give it lots of likes and comments.

Together, let's tell the world about Schreiber.

And please consider a donation to support our work.

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