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Historic grants makes new infant room possible

Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center, Lancaster County-based provider of pediatric therapy services throughout central Pennsylvania, achieved its fundraising goal of receiving $250,000 from community supporters, money that matched a $250,000 grant from the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation to fund an expansion of the center's child care facilities.

To view or download the Circle of Friends brochure, go here.

The $500,000 donation is the largest gift in the 80-year history of the Center. The money was used to add an infant room to Schreiber's Circle of Friends Academy child care. Circle of Friends currently serves children as young as 12 months. The expansion provides space for a fully inclusional room, where children with and without special needs will receive care. Serving this group of children is a natural extension of the services Schreiber provides, and there's a critical shortage of providers offering child care to infants with special needs.

"There have been many examples throughout Schreiber's history of the community supporting our work with their dollars," said James DeBord, president of Schreiber Pediatric. "None is more appreciated than the support we received for this project. We know there is a constant shortage of space for families seeking child care services, and that's especially true for families that have infants with special needs. We can now help those families, thanks to the community's generosity."

Jennifer Greenberg, a former Schreiber parent, provided the kickoff matching contribution in September 2016, a $25,000 gift in honor of her late husband Jim Greenberg. Other major funders for the project included: Bates Enterprises Inc., the Ferree Foundation, the Gamber Foundation, the Kiwanis Club of Lititz, the Robert J. Gunterberg Charitable Foundation, the S. Dale High Family Foundation and Edward and Kathy Schoenberger.

Renovations to prepare the new space started in March and were completed in June. The official open date is Aug. 21.

Schreiber began offering day care services inside the Center in 2009 and currently serves about 50 children a week in the program. The money from the Stabler Foundation and the community will allow children as young as 6 weeks to enroll in Circle of Friends, once the room is fully operational, and bring our weekly enrollment to nearly 70 children.

The expanded child care services fit well with Schreiber's existing capabilities. In addition to the core services of occupational, physical and speech therapy, Schreiber also offers infant massage, baby signing and aquatic therapy services on site -- all services that no other provider of infant care in the region can offer.

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