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Schreiber 80th Anniversary Honorary Chairs

Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2016, and its official start can be traced back to February of 1936 when Edna Schreiber first opened the doors to her new polio therapy facility. To mark the milestone, a group of nine community leaders have agreed to serve as honorary chairmen and chairwomen for the yearlong celebration.

Mary Anne Aichele: A Schreiber volunteer who organized the first-ever Schreiber Phonathon event in 2013. In the span of three years, her efforts have raised nearly $250,000 for Schreiber, and the 2015 event was the most successful fundraiser in the Center's history.

James M. Darby, Esq.: A former Schreiber Board Chairman and longtime volunteer who, among other significant achievements during his tenure, was instrumental in leading the Center through its executive leadership transition in 2012.

Sarah Young Fisher: A longtime Schreiber supporter who has been instrumental in founding and leading Edna's Angel's, Schreiber's women's giving circle. The group has been responsible for providing raising money for equipment and programs for the Center. Sarah and her husband, Dallas, were the first to contribute to Schreiber's newly formed Endowment Fund, as well as the most recent capital campaign for the swimming pool.

William F. Jefferson: Bill Jefferson served as President of Schreiber from 1997 to 2012. His leadership included guiding the Center through a major multimillion dollar capital campaign that led to a transformative upgrade of the facilities, upgrades that allowed Schreiber to serve more children each year.

Howard and Sue Kramer: Major supporters of the Center, the Kramers were instrumental in helping to support the major information technology upgrades that took place at Schreiber in 2014 and their family business and employees are staunch supporters who can often be found volunteering throughout the Center on a regular basis.

Christy Lapp: A former Board member and long-time supporter and volunteer, Christy and his team at C.R. Lapp's Family Restaurant in Quarryville have been the largest fundraisers for our annual Helping Hands Campaign (and the Coffee Day Campaign before that) every spring for many years running.

Joe Legenstein: A former Board member and current Chairman of the Schreiber Building and Property Committee, Joe has been a hands-on volunteer at the Center for many years, volunteering for everything from our Rubber Duckie Race to "roll up your sleeves" projects that have made the Center a better physical space for the families we serve.

Stephen Riley: A former Board Chair and longtime volunteer, Steve served as leader of the organization at a time when additional resources needed to be acquired in order to face major challenges, including the weather-related cancellation of the Rubber Duckie Race in 2011. Under Steve's leadership, Schreiber was able to plan and launch a new successful fundraising event that has become our annual Schreiberpalooza Music Fest.

Ralph Sherriff: A longtime former Schreiber Board member and current Building and Property Committee member, Ralph provided hands-on leadership with physical plant issues at the Center, including helping plan the expansion of the building in 2005 and 2006. He has also been active in the annual Rubber Duckie Race for many years, coordinating volunteers in the water and near the finish line.

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