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5 Points

The Center is special in so many ways, but here are five important qualities about Schreiber Pediatric.

1.) We are a community treasure.
Central PA is very fortunate to have a center with this quality and scope of services serving children across six counties. For children needing long-term therapy, there is no other local solution.
2.) We adhere to the highest standards for care.
Schreiber Pediatric Rehab Center is a premiere provider of outpatient pediatric rehabilitation services. You would have to travel more than 200 miles to Pittsburgh to find a comparable center with the comprehensive range of services offered here.
3.) We are serving your friends and neighbors.
With thousands of children served annually, our clients do represent a large percentage of the community! They are the children and grandchildren of your co-workers, friends and neighbors.
4.) Not everyone here was born with his or her disability.
It is every parent's fear – an accident, a fall, a serious health issue. If the worst were to happen, we are here to provide rehabilitation for children with "acquired" disabilities – not just congenital.

5.) We depend on community support.
That's right. As a non-profit, our services are available to all – regardless of ability to pay. While we accept most insurance plans for our clients, reimbursement rates fall far below actual cost of service provided. This – coupled with reductions in "state funding" – result in a net loss for our Center. We rely on community support to compensate for $37 of every hour of therapy provided.

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