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Feeding Development & Difficulties

Emily Beddow earned her Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Towson University and enjoys working with children of all ages. She has been a part of the Schreiber Pediatric team for over 12 years where she works with patients that have autism. Emily is a proud mother of three, two of which are in high school and the other in college. She resides in Lampeter and when she's not helping patients, she enjoys spending her time exercising, reading, listening to music and working outside.

"Feeding Development and Difficulties" addresses the following topics:

  • Bottle use and sucking patterns
  • Pacifier use and spoon use
  • Stimulation to mouth
  • Muscle tone and mouth
  • Oral motor patterns
  • Transitioning from bottle to solids
  • Dealing with "picky" eaters
  • Behavior and how it relates to feeding

This presentation is a mixture of styles including interactive, lecture and PowerPoint, and typically runs just over an hour. Computer access, PowerPoint and a projector screen are needed for this presentation. Handouts will be distributed.

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