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October 10, 2017

The Brenneman boys are all Schreiber boys

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Danielle Brenneman's first son Miles was born with cerebral palsy. He received services from Schreiber starting with early intervention home visits from Schreiber Physical Therapist Kristie Schroeder when he was 6 months old, and began at Schreiber's S.T.A.R.S. Preschool when he was 3. Dani was so happy with all of her experiences, she sent two more boys -- Levi and Issac, both typically developing -- to Schreiber, too.

Danielle Brenneman and her sons Levi, left, and Isaac, enjoy time together during the Schreiber S.T.A.R.S. Preschool water safety class. Dani has sent three of her four boys to Schreiber for preschool. Her oldest son Miles also received services for his cerebral palsy.

"I love it here," Dani said. "It's so good here. Everybody gets you. They understand what you're going through. And everybody is so friendly and so accepting."

Miles eventually received occupational and speech therapy, along with continuing his PT. He was with Jay Graver in preschool for two years, and he was joined the second year by his younger brother Levi.

"Miles was here three times a week for preschool and therapy, Levi was here twice a week," said Dani, who lives in West Lampeter Township with her husband, David, and the boys. "We were coming every day for that year."

Miles Brenneman

Miles eventually graduated from preschool to start kindergarten. He's 6 now. Levi and Isaac still attend Mr. Jay's preschool.

"When we were looking around for preschools for Miles, I liked the emphasis here on diversity and that there are children of all abilities," said Dani, who has an associate degree from Harrisburg Area Community College in early childhood education. "I liked it so much I've sent all my boys here."

Well, almost all. The youngest, Asher, is only 4 months old. He comes along when Mom drops off Levi and Isaac, so he's getting to know Schreiber, too. Even if it's only as the place where he gets his morning feeding and a nap.

Soon enough, though, Mr. Jay can probably expect to see the fourth Brenneman boy come through.

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