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Atlee Hall Drive to $1 Million Challenge

Back in 2014, we used grant money and a matching fundraising campaign to establish the Schreiber Endowment Fund with $200,000. In the past four and a half years, that original amount has gradually grown to around $800,000.

We're asking for your help again.

Schreiber is excited to announce the launch of the Atlee Hall Drive to $1 Million Challenge for the Schreiber Endowment Fund. Atlee Hall, a Lancaster County law firm and proud supporter of Schreiber, provided a $10,000 gift to kick off the challenge. Schreiber currently has about $800,000 in the fund, and Atlee Hall will lead the effort to rally the community to raise the next $200,000.

Help us reach our goal of building our endowment to $1 million.

The Schreiber Endowment Fund was set up as part of a broader long-term strategy to ensure Schreiber remains financially secure well into the future. Without your support, there is no Schreiber. And without Schreiber, the vital services we provide for thousands of children each year would go away.

Reaching our goal would represent a significant milestone after just five years, and we would have done it without a capital campaign. It would also mean hope for the many families who would need us in five years or 10 years or 20 years.

Please consider making your gift to the Schreiber Endowment Fund today. Visit our donations page by clicking here, and select Endowment Fund from the list of designation options.

Thank you for helping children and families across central PA reach their dreams and vision!

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