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FAQ for participating businesses

How does Buck-A-Cup work?

Between April 5-19, participating restaurants sell $1 pins or $1 pins and $10 GOLD pins. Customers who come in on Coffee Day, April 19, with a $1 pin are entitled to one free cup of coffee (or other participating beverage). If you also sell $10 GOLD pins, then customers who come in between April 5-19 with a GOLD pin are entitled to one free cup per day.

  • $1 Pin : One Free Coffee (or beverage(s) of restaurants choice) on April 19.
  • $10 GOLD Pin : One Free Coffee (or beverage(s) of restaurants choice) per day between April 5-19.

Does it have to be coffee?

Traditionally, Buck-A-Cup refers to a cup of coffee. However, not everyone drinks coffee. Restaurants are welcome to include other select beverages in the campaign. Let us know what other beverages are included in your offer and we will make a note of it on our website.

Can I get my suppliers involved?

Absolutely! Over the years, some restaurant suppliers have supported Buck-A-Cup by offering discounts to participating restaurants. Talk to your supplier to see if they are willing to support you during the campaign. Let us know if they are interested in being an overall sponsor or providing this support to other restaurants!

Can my business do more than just sell pins for for coffee?

Yes! All restaurants and cafes are asked to sell and accept $1 pins on Coffee Day, April 19. However, businesses are welcome to provide other promotions and benefits to customers with or without pins and GOLD pins. Examples of promotions that restaurants have held in past years include: car washes, percentage of sales donation, and quilt auctions. Let us know about your promotion, and we will include it on our website and in our marketing.

This is a friendly competition!

Many participating restaurants have turned the Buck-A-Cup campaign into a friendly competition. As part of the campaign, Schreiber will be recognizing and awarding prizes to the following categories:

  • Most money raised overall Restaurant (money from all sales and promotions)
  • Most money overall raised Server (money from all individual sales and promotions)
  • Most overall pin sales Restaurant
  • Most overall pin sales Server
  • Most GOLD pin sales Restaurant
  • Most GOLD pin sales Server

What do we receive to help us run the campaign?

To help your customers and servers participate in the campaign, Schreiber will provide you with a packet of materials to use during the campaign. Schreiber will also promote your business's participation in the campaign.
Buck-A-Cup Restaurant Packet:

  • $1 pins OR $1 pin and $10 GOLD pins (depending on your participation)
  • Posters and table tents explaining the campaign to your customers
  • Information sheet explaining the campaign to your servers
  • A tracking sheet for money raised between April 5 - 19

Buck-A-Cup Campaign Promotion:
  • All participating restaurants and their promotions will be listed on the Schreiber website
  • Daily social media updates will highlight participating restaurants
  • FM 97 will host a live show at one participating restaurant from 7-9 a.m. Friday, April 5
  • Schreiber Ambassadors will visit and take pictures at select participating restaurants

Schreiber encourages you and your customers to participate in the campaign on social media.
  • @schreiberpediatric
  • #buckacup2019
  • @SchreiberCenter
  • #buckacup2019

Have any other questions about the 2019 Buck-A-Cup?

Contact Nancy Keeler or 717-393-0425 ext. 106 or send an email to

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