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Meet our Ambassadors

Every year, we select a group of kiddos to serve as our Schreiber Ambassadors and have their stories help us tell our story to supporters. Each of the kids in this year's group receives at least three services here. These are services that don't exist anyplace else in central Pennsylvania, and without your generous support we would not be here and these services would go away. You have made a difference in the lives of so many children with your past support. Here are four of them.

Matthew Denlinger, 6, suffered from a traumatic brain injury as an infant, and his parents did not know then what his future held. Matthew has been coming to Schreiber for several years to receive occupational, physical and speech-language therapy. He has learned to climb stairs and ride bikes, to sing, answer questions and interact with friends. His bright, smiling face has become a familiar one at Schreiber. He and his parents live in East Lampeter Township.
"Everyone is welcoming from the moment we walk in the door," says Joan Denlinger, Matthew's mom. "It's a very positive place to be."

Christopher Hong, who will be 18 in March, was born with Down syndrome. He has been coming to Schreiber since he was a student in the S.T.A.R.S. Preschool and now receives occupational and speech-language therapy as he prepares for future vocational work. He has also regularly attended Club 625 events and Camp Schreiber for several years and, his therapist noted, has some awesome dance moves. He and his parents live in Lancaster Township.
"Christopher has had many varied and wonderful experiences at Schreiber," says Christine Sweeney Hong, Christopher's mom. "He always has a great time socializing with his friends in the Schreiber community."

Everett Lee, who just turned 5, was diagnosed with autism. He receives occupational and speech-language therapy at Schreiber. Everett has made so much progress with his language skills, and he is much more adventurous with his eating. His therapist said he's a talkative social butterfly who is funny and pleasant. He and his family live in Elizabethtown.
"All his therapists have been great and are very supportive," said Janell Lee, Everett's mom.

Bailey Welton, 5, was born with spina bifida and a number of other serious physical challenges. She receives all three therapies at Schreiber and works on sitting up, holding things, eating and head control. Her greatest achievement so far has been taking her first steps in a gait trainer in physical therapy. Stephanie Rossiter, one of her therapists, said Bailey is hardworking, funny and willing to work hard. She and her family live in Manor Township.
"Coming to Schreiber has been life changing," said Nicole Chintala, her mom. "Bailey has made new friends, and her therapists have become family to us."

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